Alpha Recruiter

AlphaRecruiter is an effective solution for automation of staff recruitment process. Within minutes you can tailor it to your company’s hiring process and work with hundreds of thousands candidate profiles.


For more than 5 years AlphaRecruiter has been used in a number of mid-size IT companies creating high level of visibility across all recruitment activities.

Centralized CV database

Flexible search lets you manage and process large volume of candidate profiles including resumes, interview notes, test results, references and other associated documents for every open position.

Adapted to your needs

Customize every aspect of the recruitment workflow to specific needs of your business. Design optimal process for each of your openings by adding hiring stages, e.g. Security Clearance, Credit Check, etc.

Interview planning

Schedule phone calls, pre-screenings, interviews, reference checks, track job offer negotiations and candate updates.  AlphaRecruiter reminds you about all events on your Calendar.

360° view of recruitement activities

Keeping track of positions, candidate details, correspondence and attachments makes hiring process easy to manage. No more lost emails, misplaced documents or unreturned calls. Goodbye spreadsheets.

A Million of CVs Is Not the Limit

AlphaRecruiter is capable of storing and managing millions of candidates’ records which multiple recruiters can access simultaneously. Our online demo system installed on Microsoft Azure Cloud holds more than 10,000 candidate profiles.

Online Demo

For Recruiters

Search candidate records across multiple data points including resumes, interview notes and test results

Record your notes about the candidates, feedback and communication

Send bulk emails and schedule interviews en-masse

Import profiles from LinkedIn

Share candidate profiles with your colleagues

Identify duplicate records and keep the data up-to-date

For Empoyers

Formalize requirements for each vacancy


Quantify ROI spent on promotion campaigns


Gauge perfomance of your recruitment team and define bonus structure


Gather intelligence into resources and time necessary to fill positions with unique and rare requirements


Design your own email templates


Create and execute dynamic reports



AlphaRecruiter is built on the latest Microsoft technologies and designed for scalable MS Azure cloud hosting environment. The application looks perfectly on desktop, tablets and mobile phones. Our system can be installed on Microsoft Azure cloud or your local server.

Customizable Robust Workflows

Almost everything in AlphaRecruiter can be customized to fit your company needs. A number of hiring workflow stages are predefined: Resume Received, Phone Interview, Office Interview – Technical, Office Interview – HR, Job Offer, Offer Accepted, Employed, Failed to Contact, Blacklist, Candidate Not Interested. You can edit the predefined stages, reorder them within the workflow, or create complete new ones.


Mobile Phones and Tablets

You don’t have to be in the office in order to be productive. AlphaRecruiter is intuitive to use on mobile devices, and making hiring decisions on the road is easier than ever before.

Free for small businesses

Fully functional version of AlphaRecruiter is free to download and use. Features available out of the box are sufficient to address all needs of small and mid-size companies.

For large organizations

Large organizations may opt for custom behavior of AlphaRecruiter based on unique specifics of their hiring processes. We will be happy to customize the system for you.

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